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Radiodetection is the world’s number one manufacturing company of underground cable and pipe locating devices, and is honoured to be presenting the next phase and next generation line of cable locators.

Centros brings forth an impressive digital platform that can measure digital signal data instantly and can also administer the operator with information that is trustworthy and on point. The new locators are sorted into two families: RD8000™ and RD7000™. Radiodetection has established both product families with Centros.



Featuring ClearTRACK™ and Dynamic Overload Protection the single-frequency RD5000™WL receiver and transmitter kit is specifically designed to make ease of the task of finding specific pipes and cables in large underground systems, particularly pipes that are joined with isolative seals in-between sections


Accurately locating and marking buried assets ensures minimum downtime during repair or maintenance activities. It also prevents damage which can be costly for both you and your customers.RD7100 Application. RD7100 offers the power of Radiodetection’s most advanced locating technologies, with each model optimized for a specific industry. Users benefit from the simplicity of having menu options and capabilities matched to their requirements. Our GPS and usage logging models are designed to facilitate the observance of best working practices amongst remote crews.


The most advanced locator range, builds on over 40 years of pedigree to deliver performance, quality and durability. Containing a unique arrangement of 5 custom manufactured, precision ground antennas, it allows you to choose the optimum level of precision for the job in hand.


The RD500 is a powerful device for locating underground plastic water pipes which can easily be destroyed by today’s heavy excavating equipment. A TransOnde sends pulses through the water as it passes through the pipe and then across an internal spring system dispatching a very small sound wave back along the water pipe.

This sound wave is then detected using the RD500 receiver hence locating the water pipe.

Key features:

  • Very easy to operate – a meter picks-up the vibrations on the water pipe.
  • While locating there will be no disruption of services.
  • Visual and Audible tracing indicator.
  • Variable Power Pulsers (TransOnde) supplied.
  • With an 800m range, it makes detection effective and easy obtained.
  • Able to detect up to 2 metres in depth.
RD Marker Locators

Radiodetection’s new range of precision locators builds on the high-performance and ergonomics of the RD7000®+ and RD8000® platforms and is aimed at locate professionals and utility companies who need to detect utility RF markers (also known as EMS or Omni-marker) alongside buried infrastructure.

RD1100 & RD1500 GPR

Radiodetection’s RD1100™ provides high-performance subsurface imaging for buried utilities in a rugged and competitively priced GPR system. Designed for the utility industry, the RD1100 GPR SystemRD1100 features a wide-band sensor capable of detecting plastic and ceramic utilities at depths of up to 8m / 27’ deep. Its high resolution touch screen display adds to its ease of use, including the ability to draw arrows directly on the screen to highlight subsurface features of interest. Screenshots are taken with a single button press and saved to internal memory as JPGs. These can be exported later to a USB memory stick or emailed by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or by using a cell phone as a hotspot. Instant information, higher productivity!

GPS positioning is captured alongside the Line View data for integrating into geo-referencing packages.



In an ever more regulated industry, the next generation of Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools, C.A.T4™ and Genny4™, build on over 30 years of Cable Avoidance expertise to enable operators to find more buried utilities, faster. These two innovative tools have been engineered to deliver a step change in capabilities with minimal change in work practices and training requirements. The C.A.T4 and Genny4 range is designed to assist in avoiding buried cables and pipes during excavation, reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to utilities.


When it comes to detecting pipes, cables, and electric lines, your safety should come first. Radiodetection offer a range of Pipeline Integrity equipment which is supplied to us through Smart Interrupters. You will be able to measure the efficiency of Pipeline Current Mapping and Cathodic Protection Systems to detect flaws in the pipe’s structure. Pipelines can be a danger if the structural integrity is disturbed by an excavator; gas can be released or chemical waste can be exposed. Use our product today and put safety first.