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BRAWO® Resin Mixers

BRAWO® Resin Mixers

For bubble free mixing
For bubble free mixing
Manual mixer

Epoxy resins are reaction resins where the curing process only begins once the resin and hardener are combined. Uniform curing requires precise dosing and careful mixing of both components.

The manual compulsory mixer or the mixing unit for an professional result.

Electrical Resin Mixing unit

In the event of large orders

BRAWOLINER® offers a compulsory mixer that allows resin and hardener to be mixed thoroughly without bubbles. 


Specially formed counter-rotating mixing tools prevent the inclusion of air 

High-quality compulsory mixer gearing with quick coupling 

Can be mounted on all commercial drills with a Euro shaft

The right dosage of resin and hardener as well as a homogeneous mixture of both components are important quality criteria’s in the sewage rehabilitation. That’s why more and more contractors demand a machine mixed resin. 

BRAWOLINER® offers a reliable and high quality mixing unit which allows to temper, to dose and to mix the resin and hardener optimally.

Climatic chamber with material provision

Optimal resin temperature in every weather 

60 litres of resin main 

20 litres of hardener BRAWO® I 

20 litres of hardener BRAWO® III 

Automatic cooling and warming function 

Easy to use

Adjusting of the total quantity in the control unit 

Mixing at the touch of a button next to the 

impregnation plant 

Free hands, thanks to swivel mixing head

High-precision dosing

2 independent high-precision piston pumps 

200 measuring points per stroke 

Mixing-ratio individually adjustable

Low-maintenance and low-wear 

Two-stage mixing process

Pulsing of the components 

Mixing with disposable static mixer 

Minimal cleaning expenditures, because resin and hardener are just consolidated in the static mixer