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Shoot branch lines with precision and control with the transparent design and compact structure of the Cannon.

Enables you to work where cumbersome inversion drums can’t; to install short liners down to only DN50/2” in diameter. Simply shoot and cure multiple liners with the Picote Cannon Fast Lock System.


  • The Picote Cannon is a light, transparent tool to install CIPP linings.
  • It allows the user to watch the lining process in real time as it happens.
  • Picote Cannon Fast Lock System (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) includes multiple inversion heads and a Fast Cap (included in the Cannon package).
  • ​Compact design to fit easily in tight spaces. Available in two lengths - Mini & Original.
  • Fast and practical - constructed from heavy-duty polycarbonate and aluminium.
  • Easier to operate than standard inversion drums.
  • Safe to use with two independent pressure release systems and a maximum operating pressure of 2 bars.
  • Easy to transport and carry.
  • Available with an option to insert a CCTV camera inside the cannon.
  • Picote Cannon Fast Lock System Packages (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”)


Picote Original Cannon / product code 2360000001 includes:

3 inversion heads (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) and 1 Fast Cap.


Picote Mini Cannon / product code 2360000003 - includes:

3 inversion heads (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) and 1 Fast Cap.


These products can also be purchased separately as additional or replacement parts.