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BRAWOLINER® is a concept that provides long-lasting protection and rapid assistance in the area of sewerage rehabilitation systems.
BRAWOLINER® is the supplier that offers seamless textile liners. Thanks to a special loop construction all BRAWOLINER® are extremely flexible. This makes it the perfect solution for defective pipes containing multiple bends of up to 90° and up to two changes in diameter. With a working life of over 50 years, BRAWOLINER® is a clean, economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to expensive and time-consuming excavation works! 

Innovative, flexible and virtually fold-free

These excellent product characteristics also impressed in the IKT (Institute for Underground Infrastructure) product test, in which BRAWOLINER® was by far the top performer. For particularly complex sewage systems, we offer BRAWOLINER® 3D and BRAWOLINER® XT.
Why not discover the benefits for yourself!


The tried and tested BRAWOLINER® is a seamless textile hose with a seamless foil coating. Thanks to its special loop construction, the BRAWOLINER® is extremely flexible and therefore ideally suited for the renovation of small diameter defective sewerage found within private households and industry. 

It is proven that BRAWOLINER® can adapt perfectly to bends of up to 90° and changes in pipe dimensions, without creating any wrinkles or folds.
The liner can be installed with an inversion pressure as low as 0.2 bar and therefore does not create any further stress on the pipes. BRAWOLINER® was the outstanding winner in the IKT product test: It was best able to fulfil the requirements regarding quality, product performance, renovation success and quality assurance.


able to cope with multiple bends of up to 90° 

can handle with one change in pipe dimension 

simple and problem-free installation 

gentle inversion pressure from as little as 0.2 bar possible 

can be used to fix most damage 

top performer in the IKT product test 

successfully passed the UK Water Infiltration Test

The BRAWOLINER® system is available in diameters of DN 50 to 250 mm and in conventional lengths of 25 m, 50 m or 100 m.


The rehabilitation of laterals, drains and sewers with changes in diameter is a big challenge for many rehabilitation methods and systems. Particularly, changes in diameter, for example from DN 100 to DN 150. 


To change dimensions

The BRAWOLINER® 3D was specially developed for lining through pipelines where there are big or several changes in diameter. In diameter changes from DN 100 to DN 150 the seamless textile liner forms itself to both diameters with the final result being a wrinkle free finish. The unique and extremely flexible polyester-loop construction allows the liner to stretch laterally to accommodate diametrical changes. 

Just like the proven BRAWOLINER® -the outstanding winner of the IKT product test- the 3D-Liner is also capable of lining through multiple 90 degree bends without creating any folds or wrinkles. This means that BRAWOLINER® 3D is an ideal renovation solution for complex sewerage systems.
BRAWOLINER® 3D is available in the nominal width DN 70 to 100, DN 100 - 150 (4" to 6") and DN 150 - 200  (6" to 8") each in the lengths of 25 m, 50 m or 100 m


For Changing Dimensions


Renovation to structurally impaired or deep pipes

Longitudinal fractures, broken pipes and holes can dramatically affect the structural integrity of the pipe. Such damage is often caused by poor installation, overloading, traffic or ground movement. The rehabilitation of this type of damage is essential to restore structural integrity and water tightness. 
The BRAWOLINER® XT system from KOB  has a higher stiffness whilst still maintaining its unique flexibility. For this reason the liner is ideal for the renovation of structurally impaired or deep pipes with bends and changes in diameter.

BRAWOLINER® XT is available in the nominal widths DN 100 until DN 250 and is available in lengths of 25 m, 50 m or 100 m.


For domestic rehabilitation BRAWOLINER® have been equipped with a special temperature-stable film, which means that steam curing is also possible at high temperature. The BRAWOLINER® HT offer in addition the same advantages as our tried-and-tested BRAWOLINER®:

Bends of up to 90°

2 dimension changes

Hot curing with steam and water possible

We supply BRAWOLINER® HT and BRAWOLINER® HT 3D in diameters of DN 50 to 200 mm the lengths of 25 m, 50 m and 100 m.


The liner for domestic rehabilitation


Special loop Construction

Seamless textile liners for the rehabilitation