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Aquascope 3 – Ground Microphone


AQUASCOPE 3 – Electronic Listening Stick

Aquascope 3 - Combined Kit (with GM and LS)


AQUASCOPE 3 - Pocket Ground Microphone



Ground Microphones are used to pinpoint leaks under sealed surfaces (roads)  The additional sensitivity of the ground microphone make it the best solution for pipes buried deeper than 500mm

Electronic Listening Sticks are used in leakage surveys of water distribution networks and by plumbers to find leaks in residential and commercial properties.

Water Leak Detector Kits comprise of both the Electronic Listening Stick and Ground Microphone providing the complete package for the utility, contractor or plumber who searches for leaks in a variety of locations.

The Pocket Microphone is the answer for any leakage operator who is looking for absolute portability, flexibility and an affordable price-tag while keeping the power and functionality of an AquaScope 3.

Acoustic Leak Detection Kit – This kit contains the same microphones as the water leak Detector Kit but is supplied with a more powerful amplifier, larger display and some advanced features for the professional leak hunter.


AQUASCOPE 2 - Acoustic Water Leak Detection Kit

EASYSCAN - Multi-purpose smart leak locator

The acoustic microphone any leak technician should have in the glove-box: light-weight, compact and with a pure and clear sound amplification.

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results.


AQUASCAN 610 - Leak Locating Correlator


AQUASCAN TM2 - Trunk Main Correlator

MULTISCAN - Multi-point Correlator

EASYSCAN - Multi-purpose smart leak locator


The AQUASCAN 610 is the world’s first cordless leak noise correlator and is certainly the most compact and portable correlator currently available.  The combination of high performance, elegant design, compact size and advanced features make this the most popular leak noise correlator available.

Ultra-compact and extremely easy to use – the AQUASCAN 620L laptop correlator utilizing both the legendary, industry-leading cordless AQUASCAN sensor-transmitters and the powerful new “Auto Filter” software which greatly improves effectiveness (even on plastic pipes) and provides optimal guidance for the user.

The AQUASCAN TM2 has been specifically designed for the use on large diameter pipes and for extremely difficult situations.  With higher processing speeds of a tablet PC, new signal processing technology and accelerometer sensors with additional sensitivity in the low frequency range this correlator can detect quieter leak noise at low frequency in addition to normal leaks. A powerful "Auto Filter" make this correlator very easy to operate.

The highly sensitive multi-point correlator for maxiumum convenience: Small, stainless steel sensor-transmitters, attractive Android app with fully automatic filtering and GPS-based automated geolocation and mapping for cable-free handling on your Smartphone or tablet.

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results.


ZONESCAN 820 - Correlating Radio Loggers (and ZONESCAN Smart software)


The ZONESCAN 820 is arguably the most advanced, robust and best performing logger on the market. It logs the noise levels throughout a predetermined period of time, and it also record the sound frequency spectrum, and allows to correlate between the different loggers in the kit. It allows you to (i) avoid false positives by filtering out non-leak noise sources, and (ii) pinpoint the exact location of leaks using correlation and cross-correlation techniques between loggers. 

There are three standard applications for the ZONESCAN 820 logger platform:

Lift & Shift mode (to find difficult leaks or perform zone-by-zone leakage surveys) using the popular ZONESCAN Smart software on an Android device

Drive-by mode (for permanent or periodical deployment and weekly collection of the data in a drive-by survey), using ZONESCAN SMART with or without upload of the data to the ZONESCAN NET cloud

Fixed network monitoring in combination with the Alpha communication package (the world's only fully unmanned and automatic permanent network monitoring system) with direct data transmission to the ZONESCAN NET cloud

In the first two applications above, the Zonescan 'leak intelligence units' continuously monitor and analyse noise characteristics within the distribution system and can detect and identify the presence and location of a leak. Once in range of a Zonescan logger, a patrol operator (in Lift & Shift) will receive automatic notification from the systems voice embedded host software, first identifying the unit, before announcing the presence or probability of a leak at that point in the water network. If audible confirmation of the leak noise is desired, the operator can, at any time, listen directly to the digitally transmitted leak noise from his vehicle without the need for a physical connection with the loggers.


MagScan 100

AquaTracer 200


The MagScan 100 detects the magnetic field of a ferromagnetic object.  It responds to the difference in magnetic fields.  This provides a stronger signal at the edge of the pipe, valve or cover enabling the operator to mark the shape of the object located.  When tracing a ferrous pipe, the covered valve can be located as an increase in signal strength.

Enjoy locating with the AquaTracer.  It has all the essential features to reliably locate underground services. With the best frequencies for locating water pipes this locator has to be the first choice for water operators.


Permanent (or fixed) network monitoring means deploying sensors (loggers) permanently everywhere in your water distribution network that continuously collect information about the pipe network and automatically send leak alarms to your control center for actioning. The systems can be standalone with radio transmission (see Zonescan Alpha below) or integrated in exisiting transmission infrastructure such as AMI or AMR networks (see STAR Zonescan below). 

The following criteria are important for any permanent network monitoring system to be effective:

It has to be able to send the data from the sensors in the field directly to the control center, ie. without the need for a drive-by data collection or the data download in the office.

The system has to transmit enough data to the control room to eliminate non-leak noises (spectral analysis) and to pinpoint the exact location of the leak (correlation technique). Simple noise logging is ineffective.

The battery life of the sensors has to be long enough (at least 5 years) in order to avoid frequent manpower-intensive and expensive battery changes and system redeployment exercises.

Zonescan Alpha / Zonescan Net

Aclara STAR® ZoneScan - AMI-integrated leak alarm system


Zonescan Alpha (based on Gutermann's Zonescan 820 correlating radio logger platform) is the revolution in intelligent water loss managent technologies. It is the only independent truly unmanned fixed network monitoring system that allows you to correlate, exclude false positives, pinpoint leaks, retrieve historical data, listen to leak sound remotely, all from the comfort of your office. No more undetected leaks. No more uncontrolled leak run-times. No more "dry holes" due to non-leak noise sources in the pipes. 

The STAR® ZoneScan system combines the strengths of leak-detection technology from Gutermann International and two-way fixed network AMI technology from Aclara, yielding a more powerful, efficient method of detecting water main leaks.

Deployed at regular intervals throughout the water pipeline network (attached to valves via the integrated magnetic base), Gutermann leak- intelligence units monitor and analyze noise characteristics within the pipe network and can detect and identify the presence and location of a leak.