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BRAWO® Inversion equipment

The efficient way to install a BRAWOLINER®
BRAWO® Inversion drums Micro DN 350 and DN 500

Lightweight and handy inversion drums for horizontal and vertical rehabilitation

Benefits of the BRAWO® Micro drums

  • Lightweight and handy
  • Drum axel with water connection
  • Interior illuminated drum
  • Stable sub-structure
  • Hand wheel
  • 180-degree swivel inversion opening, ideal for horizontal and vertical inversion
  • Inversion with air – curing with water or steam
  • Hand wheel for optimal control of the inversion
  • Pressure control directly to the drum
  • Compatible with BRAWO® SteamBox L and BRAWO®HotBox
  • Water-/Steam connection with the drum axis allows filling the liner with no pressure loss
  • Interior illuminated drum
  • Compatible with the accessories of the standard drum
BRAWO® Drum Mini DN 600

This drum offers great capacity with the lowest weight

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Benefits of the BRAWO® Mini Drums


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Inversion angle can be swivelled or adjusted in height
  • Hand wheel for regulating the inversion speed
  • Large viewing window for optical control during inversion
  • Handle on the inversion drum
  • Solid base construction with pneumatictires
BRAWO® Drum DN 700 UL

The lightest 700 mm stainless steel drum on the market

Weighing appr. 50 kg, the BRAWO® Inversion Drum DN 700 UL can be easily transported and also offers the unmatched benefits of a robust stainless steel drum.

Lightweight and durable

The weight reduction of the BRAWO® Inversion Drum DN 700 UL has been achieved without any functional reductions. Also our latest lightweight and durable inversion drum is built to the same high quality standard that is expected from BRAWOLINER®.


Benefits of DN 700 UL

  • Drum axel with water connection
  • Pressure control on the rear drum
  • Inversion angle can be swivelled and adjusted 
  • Solid base with pnuematic tires
  • Large hand wheel
BRAWO® Drums DN 800 and DN 800 XL

Universal drums with maximum capacity for long renovation sections

The BRAWO® Drums DN 800 and 800 XL are made of stainless steel.


Benefits of DN 800 and DN 800 XL


  • Compact and ideal for long rehabilitations
  • Adjusted inversion opening
  • Drum axel with water connection
  • Large viewing window for optical control during inversion
  • Solid base construction with pneumatic tires
  • Large hand wheel.

BRAWO® Inversion equipment


BRAWO® Tripod

For water column inversion for DN250/DN300

Installation device for inversion using hydrostatic pressure (water column)

  • Integrated water hose connection with GEKA coupling
  • Plastic lip prevents damage to the liner


Straight and Bent

BRAWO® Inversion pipes

Straight and bent

  • Stainless steel
  • Straight and bent
  • Coupling Storz F-150 and A-110
  • Diameters (mm) 50, 70, 100/120, 150, 200

BRAWO® Inversion hoses

For flexible extension

BRAWOLINER® offers inversion hoses for flexible extension of the inversion pipes

  • Pressure and temperature resistant
  • Lengths 0,5 m, 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, different lengths possible

BRAWO® Retaining strap

Sturdy flat cord

Sturdy flat cord for control and secure regulation of the inversion speed.


BRAWO® Camera gate

For control - without any loss of pressure

The camera gate can be used during the curing process to visually check the renovation results without any loss of pressure.


BRAWO® Blind coupling F150 (water)

Under pressure without inversion drum

If several liners need closing off, the use of a blind coupling is recommended. This makes it possible to separate the pressure drum after inversion from the inversion bend and maintain the liner under pressure until it has completed curing

2 connections for air/water

The efficient way to install a BRAWOLINER®