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BRAWOLINER® Cutter and milling machines

BRAWO® VortexCutter

Easy-to-use system for pipes and lateral connections

Opening the lateral connection in a lined pipe is an important step to achieve successful pipe rehabilitation. Conventional cutting devices have reached their limits when used in small diameters or in pipes with multiple bends.

With the BRAWO® VortexCutter, BRAWOLINER® offers a reliable and easy-to-use system for pipes and lateral connections from DN 50 to DN 200. This cutter consists of a powerful drive unit with a flexible drive shaft and various specific cutting tools for the desired diameter. The extensive equipment package contains tools for diameter range DN 50 to DN 200. Using the BRAWO® VortexCutter, lateral connections in all angle configurations can be opened very quickly and reliably.

The surface preparation of the pipes for installing BRAWOLINER® connection collars can also easily be done with this unit.


Very economical

  • Quick and reliable opening of lateral connections
  • Low investment costs
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning process required
  • High quality ensuring a long life
  • Electrically driven – with 230 V power plug
  • No compressor required


Reliable even in small diameters

  • DN 50 – DN 150
  • Can also be used in pipes with various bends and diameter changes
  • Convenient for all pipe materials
  • Suitable for all connection angles


Easy to use

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Adaptable to individual applications


Working with the BRAWO® VortexCutter

For opening the lateral connections, a drill bit is inserted into the drive shaft of the BRAWO® VortexCutter. A small opening into the lateral connection is then made using this tool. The tool with grinding panels is then brought into the opening. Due to the centrifugal force of the rotation tool, the grinding panels are pushed against the wall grinding the connection until it is fully opened. The flexible drive shaft can go through multiple bends in the lateral pipe to reach the connection part. Dimension changes can also be easily be handled. The maximum working distance is 12 meters and can be extended to 20 m.

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VortexCutter Accessories

Working with the BRAWO® VortexCutter

End cap with hole, holder and milling panel with quick coupling


Attachment for plastic pipes

Front panels, drilling head and milling head

BRAWOLINER® Cutter and milling machines