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The curing technology

Accelerating the curing time

BRAWO® Curing devices

Curing acceleration using water or steam

Epoxy resins can cure at ambient temperature. The addition of heat can significantly reduce the curing time. This can be implemented in the form of hot water or steam. BRAWOLINER® offers reliable heating units, both for curing acceleration using water or steam, units that rapidly pay for themselves.




Max Power


Max Temprature

Main Application Area



70 kW / Diesel

approx. 20 L/min. (55 °C)

90 °C/0,3 bar

Horizontal pipes

Hotbox XL


105 kW / Diesel

approx. 48 L/min. (55 °C)

95 °C/0,3 bar

Long vertical lines

Steambox L


3 kW / Electric

approx. 4 kg/hr (100 °C)

130 °C/2,5 bar

Connection collars; short vertical lines

Steam Unit


43 kW / Diesel

approx. 50 kg/hr (100 °C)

159 °C/5,0 bar

Vertical lines

Pressurecontrol SP

Cold Air




Connection collars


Curing of the BRAWO® Resin with hot water

The BRAWO® HotBox is a diesel-powered continuous heater specially designed for domestic sewer renovation. Thanks to the high heating output, up to 1000 litres of water can be heated per hour. The mobile unit can be easily transported and can be operated outdoors close to the renovation site.


BRAWO® HotBox advantages

  • Mobile heating unit
  • Oil or diesel-powered
  • Stable frame with rollers
  • Boiler with heating coil, top-fired boiler system
  • Incl. oil monitor (diesel monitor)
  • Incl. circulation pump ZPE 800
  • Incl. hose set
The BRAWO® Circulation pump ZPE 800

For a fast and uniform distribution of heat


During the hot cure process, the BRAWO® HotBox is connected to the inversion drum and warm water is then passed into the liner. Once the curing water is at the correct temperature a special pump, designed for use with hot water, is used to re-circulate the water through the liner and the circulation pump.


Advantages of the BRAWO® circulation pumps

  • Increased safety during liner installation, thanks to faster and more-uniform distribution of heat
  • High efficiency thanks to short curing time
  • More reliable installation
Hose set (water)

2 x 10 m and 1 x 2 m water hoses with GEKA couplings

The new BRAWO® HotBox L

Supplies hot water reliably, efficiently and at three times the usual rate

When it comes to hot-water curing, the BRAWO® HotBox L is a highly efficient heating device. A throughput rate of more than 2.800 litres of water per hour makes the BRAWO® HotBox L the most powerful device of its type for hot-water curing. 
The BRAWO® HotBox L has been specially designed for long repair sections and larger diameters.


BRAWO® HotBox L advantages

  • Oil- or diesel-fired flow-type heater
  • Mobile heating device
  • Water capacity can exceed 3000 l/h
  • Temperatures of up to 95°C
  • Fitted with oil (diesel) level detector
BRAWO® SteamUnit

Full steam rehabilitation

In sewer rehabilitation steam curing has also established itself alongside curing of the resinsoaked liners with warm water. In particular during the rehabilitation of downpipes, where curing with water is only possible with short pipe sections with approx. 4 metres height difference, steam curing has clear advantages.

With the BRAWO® SteamUnit we offers a comparably compact but efficient steam generator. With a heat output of 56 KW the diesel-fired device produces a steam quantity of 50 kg per hour. Thus the curing of longer piping sections in buildings or buried pipes is possible. Thanks to the compact dimensions the steam generator can be accommodated in the BRAWO®Trailer and can if required be positioned directly on site.


Advantages of the BRAWO® SteamUnit

  • Mobile steam generator
  • Intuitive controls
  • Ready for use in 15 minutes
  • Steam temperatures of up to 159 °C possible
BRAWO® SteamGenerator
  • Mobile, diesel-operated steam generator
  • Reinforced chassis for building site deployment
  • High steam output of approx. 50 kg/hour
  • Rapid curing (only 80 min. heating time in combination with BRAWO® HT)
BRAWO® Softening system
  • Softening system delivers a permanent high quality of the water supply and protects the boiler against scale/incrustation
  • Incl. reversible flow filter and protection frame, as well as 20 kg salt tablets
BRAWO® Control
  • Manual control unit for regulation of curing pressure and curing temperature

Accessories BRAWO® SteamUnit

BRAWO® SteamSleeve

  • Prevents condensing water from collecting in the liner and delaying curing in those areas due to a lower temperature
  • The steam sleeve also enables transport away of the water, even in vertical pipes, with an insertable hose


Steam hose extension (20 m)

  • Including double nipple for connection with steam hoses from basic set

Stam hose set (20 m)

  • 2x 5 m, 1x 10 m hoses and couplings for connection of all necessary equipment components. Including compressed-air couplings, steam couplings, hose clips and GEKA connections

Steam connection adapter

  • Adapter with connection nipple for steam hose and additional connection for optional electronic pressure indicator (e.g. for use with DocuBox) Consisting of 2x Storz F 150 couplings, one rotatable for optimal positioning of the inversion tube Including thermometer with filter and 2x 3/4" threaded connections
BRAWO® SteamBox L

Steam curing for Liner and connection collars

Until now, the rehabilitation of down pipes or pipes with high gradient was possible only in cold curing. BRAWOLINER® offers a mobile solution for accelerating the curing process.

The BRAWO® SteamBox L was developed specifically for in-house rehabilitation. The two electric heaters, each with 1500 W power and the 9 litre boiler, which can be refilled during operation ensures fast and continuous steam generation. In this manner, a large amount of steam can be produced for a longer period. Due to the excellent heat conductivity of the steam, curing of the resin is initiated very quickly. Thanks to the integrated pressure and vacuum control, the BRAWO® SteamBox L is ideal for the installation of connection collars.


Advantages BRAWO® SteamBox L

  • Compact and 22 kg light weight construction equipment
  • Ideal for the rehabilitation of down pipes and pipe unions
  • Continuous steam
  • 9 litre boiler – refillable during operation
  • Two heaters with 1500 watt for quick heating
  • 230 V, no high voltage required
  • Integrated pressure and vacuum control
BRAWO® PressureControl SP

For installing connection collars

The compact appliance is suitable for installing connection collars by cold curing. With just one hand you can vent the packer or pressurise it.

  • Advantages BRAWO® PressureControl SP
  • Precise and automatic pressure regulation
  • Lockable pressure control valve
  • Single-handed operation
  • Robust and lightweight design