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Forever Detection is a South African company, which was established in 2001 and is headed by a team of specialists with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Originally, Forever Detection was a plumbing company providing a wide array of services and progressed to specialise in leak detection. In 2013, Forever Detection identified an opportunity in the market to import and distribute plumbing equipment and machinery.

The brand Brawoliner and Picote was brought into South Africa and was the first of its kind in the country. Forever Detection proudly distributes the Brawoliner pipe rehabilitation products and the Picote high speed drain cleaning solution and Pipe Coating solution.

Forever Detection symbolises professional and quality services that exude positive energy, diversity and cooperation on all levels within the company. We are specialists in evaluating, planning, coordinating and delivering personalised, cost effective solutions and products to plumbing and electrical companies.

Forever Detection strives to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date equipment and professional services at the best price possible. We understand the individual needs of our clients; therefore, we customise our solutions using the most appropriate equipment, materials and applications. We have the technology and knowledge to benefit our clients and satisfy their needs and requirements.

Our sales team understand that every company has their individual needs when it comes to the services that they deliver. At Forever Detection we prefer to meet with our clients to ensure that we determine exactly what their requirements are and thus satisfying their needs.


Forever Detection aims to understand and satisfy our clients’ specific needs by providing a full spectrum of pipe rehabilitation, leak detection, power tools and hand tools and innovative solutions specifically relating to the plumbing and electrical market.

To build a relationship exceeding your expectation that reflects through the attitude, character and efforts of our entire team.

To deliver professional and quality services and products that meets and exceeds the highest industry standards. To provide services that exceed our clients expectations in price, value and performance.



The Difference is in the Quality


Quality is what separates us from our competitors. The majority of our brands are engineered and manufactured in Germany and the standard of tools and equipment that we distribute is unparalleled. Forever Detection only uses recognised technology leaders in the fields that we specialise in, focusing on new product development, innovation and state-of-the art technology.


To guarantee the best price possible, we buy and import our products directly from the suppliers.


The Forever Detection difference is in the way that we take a holistic approach to our clients’ needs. We offer tailor made solutions to meet the individual requirements of each client. It is in the way that we take time to understand the challenges that our clients are facing, and then assisting them in acquiring equipment that works for their unique needs and within their specified budget. Forever Detection is always searching for new ideas and are constantly looking at ways to improve our operations, which is turn improves the services and efficiency of our clients’ services.


Our primary goal is your total satisfaction. We take pride in offering an excellent service, delivering high standards and procedures and providing quality products.


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AQUAPEA is a innovative product, which can repair leaks from inside the pipe, whether that pipe is Polyethylene, Copper, Alkathene, Galvanised / Steel, and Lead.

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